Just Floating On An Easy Afternoon

My family enjoys the great outdoors, whether at home in the backyard or at one of our favorite camping and fishing grounds at Montauk State Park in south-central Missouri.  After a long day fly-fishing for trout or kayaking or just floating lazily in an inner tube on the crystal-clear waters of the Current River, we like to shake off the city dust, exhale and relax.  I've been hauling awkward folding chairs and even sometimes a hammock along on these trips for years, until I found the The AERIUS Bag, which solved all my family's problems we'd encountered just trying to find an easy way to enjoy the outdoors.  It travels in a case the size of a small briefcase, and easily inflates by just moving it around in a breeze for a minute or so, unless you have electricity so you can fill it with a fan or hairdryer.  I aim to get to it first, especially if I've just inflated it, but don't often get that pleasure.  My boys always beat me to it, even when I've given them the chore of cleaning our fresh river catch.  My wife always comes to the rescue, though, sending them off, while we sit back and enjoy a moment or two as the sunrise turns into a starry night.  It's great for one person, but also perfect for two people just talking and snuggling, while enjoying beer or wine before dinner.  It's as if Trizzat LLC read my mind, and created The AERIUS Bag just for me and my family.  Right now, we just have one, but maybe we need another one, or maybe two or three?  Give The AERIUS Bag a try, and you'll see how much easier your outdoor life can be.


B. Davis

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